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Fat Katz

Metro Detroit's most trusted Sports Card & Collectible shop.

Fat Katz Sports Cards and Collectibles Located in St. Clair Shores


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Gold & Silver Prices

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About Fat Katz

Think back to when you were a kid. Many of us have fond memories of trading baseball cards with our friends, unwrapping a brand new G.I Joe action figure, or even a Cabbage Patch Doll.

You can feel that same feeling of happiness and nostalgia again by taking a short trip to St. Clair Shores, Michigan and stopping in Fat Katz Sports Cards. Located at 30619 Jefferson Avenue, Fat Katz Sports Cards has everything from rare and hard to find sports cards and vintage Hot Wheels.

Fat Katz has a huge selection of new and hard to find sports cards, hard to find Hot Wheels dating back to the 60's, as well as Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards. Gold and Silver coins are also available as well as supplies to store and display your memorabilia.

As those memories come flooding back to you as you browse and collect your favorite memorabilia from Fat Katz Sports Cards, stop and talk with the Fat Kats owner about them. He is always ready with a story about a card or a memory he had as well. At Fat Katz, you aren't treated like another customer, you are treated like an old childhood friend.

Come in and see us today.